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French Mystique Tours offers private bike tours and specializes in biking day trips in the countryside near Paris, but also offers customized bike tours in Paris too. French Mystique Tours is the name of the company but it is a one man operation and that one man is me, Bruce McAleer. I've been offering my tours since 2011 and after all these years I am still the only bike tour company in Paris that does what I do, which is specializing in biking day trips in the countryside outside of Paris with a focus on getting off the beaten path and showing you the France you've always dreamed of outside of tourism. But if you'd like a biking in Paris tour then there is also the option for a customized tour in Paris that will be personalized and tailored to your tastes and interests.



  • Tour Conditions: Note that all tours are private tours and are not open to the general public. Thus, there are no regularly scheduled tours on specific days/dates open to the general public. It is also not possible to join another tour group, whether or not you are an individual or group seeking to share the cost of a tour with others. Tours are only done upon request.


  • Tour Costs: The tour costs noted for each tour are for an entire group and are not per person costs. In other words, if you are a single rider then you are responsible for the full tour cost whereas if there are 5 members in your group then the tour cost is split between the five of you.  The tour price for any tour is the same whether there is one rider or several riders in a group. Additional per person costs are listed below each tour description and in tour summaries.

  • Tour Summaries: Within each Tour Description (below) you will find a link to a Tour Summary for that particular tour, which will provide you with a sampling of photos of some of the sights you will see on that tour. Please note that some Tour Descriptions have additional links (besides just a link to the Tour Summary) and it is IMPERATIVE that you click on additional links to learn about important information pertaining to the functioning of that tour. 

  • For an explanation of Level of Difficulty ratings please click here. Also, you will note within each Tour Description (below) that a Level of Difficulty rating is provided along with an explanation of the terrain you can expect to encounter on that tour.

  • Be sure to click on and read the ''Tour Conditions'' on the menu bar and then read each of the subheadings on the drop down menu. There is very important information here that will answer frequently asked questions and provide you with all the relevant info pertinent to the functioning of the tours. Once you have made a deposit to reserve a tour date you will need to refer to the ''Important Questions'' subheading and answer these questions.

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