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Below you will find a list of tours sorted by level of difficulty. The level of difficulty is based on how hilly a ride might be and the gradient of the hills, not on the distance. See explanations below. For the full details/costs/logistics of any tour refer to the "All Our Tours" page of the website and then click on the "Tour Summary" for each tour. A complete list of all tours can be found by clicking here. 



These tours are generally on flat to gently rolling terrain with no significant hills. These are good tours for families, novices and those who want a leisurely ride with minimal physical effort required.

Easy to Moderate:


These tours are generally on flat to gently rolling terrain and include some inclines and hills. Anyone who is fit and active can enjoy these tours but it is beneficial to be an active cyclist to participate in these tours.


  • Compiègne and Pierrefonds Bike Tour / €395



These tours have mixed topography but tend to have hilly sections with ascent times generally ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. These tours are for those who enjoy exercise and a bit of a workout. These tours are only suitable for experienced cyclists who are comfortable climbing hills.

  • 3-Hour Paris's Nearby Countryside Bike Tour / €150

  • Château of Vaux-le-Vicomte Bike Tour / €300

  • Crécy-la-Chapelle to Coulommiers Bike Tour / €300

  • Picardy Bike Tour / €375

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