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Important Questions To Answer


Below are important questions all tour participants will need to answer :

1) Your arrival and departure dates.

2) Back-up rain dates in case of inclement weather. Back-up rain dates are only available assuming I have no other tours booked on those dates.

3) Your contact info while you are here:

a Your cell phone number.

b What country is your cell phone registered in.

c Your apartment phone number (if staying in an apartment) and address.

d Your hotel name and phone number.

e Will you have internet/e-mail access.

4) The heights of the riders in your group and who is male/female. The age of the riders in your group. Are there children under the age of 14.

Please tell me about the level of cycling experience of "ALL" of your group members. Do you all ride frequently? How often? What kinds of bikes do you all ride? Are you all comfortable riding on hills? How long or how many kilometers/miles do you all normally ride?  Also tell me about the fitness level of your group members. I want to make sure that any tour in which you expressed interest is suitable to the level of cycling experience / fitness level of all of your group members. It's no fun to be in the middle of a ride when someone realizes they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

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