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Please fill in the form below to book a tour or request more information. Please be very careful when typing your e-mail address as an invalid e-mail address will make it impossible for me to reply to your tour request. You should also include a cell phone number (and also the country of origin for the cell phone number).

IMPORTANT: I reply to all e-mails within 24 hours. If you have not heard back from French Mystique Tours within 24 hours then please check your spam folder as my replies often end up in the spam folder. I can not emphasize enough how important this is since it is a frequently recurring problem, and believe me, I've tried every solution to stop this from happening.

It is also very important that you read the information below the contact form prior to making a tour request. There is very important information here that MUST be read/understood prior to making an inquiry for a tour request.

Prior to making a tour request you'll need you to select a specific tour date so I can arrange my schedule to accommodate other tour requests. If you have a flexible schedule and/or have multiple dates available for your tour that is fine. Feel free to inquire about multiple possible tour dates and that can be discussed.

If you would like to make a deposit to reserve a specific date then I'll send you a link to make a deposit via debit/credit card to reserve a specific date. You'll make a deposit of 50% of the tour cost and you'll pay the balance of the tour cost in cash/euros when we meet. I prefer to accept payment for the balance of the tour cost in cash, not via credit/debit card. Cash payment is only accepted in euros, not your local/home currency. If cash payment of the balance of the tour cost is an issue then let me know and we can discuss this. Payment for requested supplemental touring (if you're requesting additional touring time beyond the standard touring time) time is also only accepted in cash/euros.

For the countryside tours where we'll meet at the bike store in Paris to get rental bikes then payment for the rental bikes is only accepted in cash/euros. For these same tours you can pay for your round trip train tickets with your credit/debit card when you purchase your tickets from a ticket machine at the train station. For the Marne River Tour, 3 Hour Marne River and Bois de Vincennes Tour and the 3 Hour Paris's Nearby Countryside Tour bikes are included in the tour cost so there is no additional per person fee for rental bikes.

If you would like to make a deposit to reserve a date but need time to decide on a tour that is fine (if you decide to choose a tour other than the one you initially requested). I only need a deposit to reserve a date, not to confirm a specific tour. As long as I know at least a week before our tour date which tour you have chosen that is OK.

To understand how my tours work it is imperative to look at the ''Tour Conditions'' page of my website and then to read through all of the links on the menu subheadings under ''Tour Conditions''. Here are the links to those pages of my website :

Tour Conditions :

Practical Information :

Physical/Cycling Requirements :

Important Questions :

Public Transport :

Once you have made your deposit you will need to refer to the ''Important Questions'' page of my website and answers those questions.

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