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Giverny €425

If the tour title got your attention then you must know that you'll be paying a visit to Monet's house and gardens in Giverny on this tour. While you may assume that is the highlight of this tour I can assure you that even if there was no visit to Monet's famous house and gardens you would still be captivated by the beautiful countryside scenery on this tour, which will take you through the valley of the river Epte (which forms a portion of the border between the Normandy and Île-de-France regions). This tour is almost completely on flat terrain (with a few exceptions) and 31km of the total 43km touring distance are on dedicated bike trails (old rail lines). The Epte river valley is located in a region historically known as the Vexin region, which in my opinion has some of the prettiest countryside scenery you'll find in such close proximity to Paris. Unlike most of my tours where we enjoy châteaux and other major sites/attractions from the exterior you'll have time for a one hour visit of Monet's house and gardens (over the years my clients have assured me this is ample time for an enjoyable visit).

Click HERE to see the Tour Summary for this tour, which will provide you with a sampling of photos of some of the sights you will see on this tour.

  • Meeting time and train times: We will meet at the bike rental store at 7AM and take an 8:12AM train leaving Paris and arriving in Vernon at 9:03AM. We will take a train departing from Gisors at 3:56PM and arrive in Paris at 5:25PM.


  • Total round trip train time: 2 hours 20 minutes

  • Touring Time: 7 hours from train arrival in Vernon to train departure from Gisors

  • Distance round trip from bike store to train station:  4.5km / 3 miles

  • Touring distance: 41km / 25 miles from train arrival in Vernon to train departure from Gisors

  • Total biking distance: 45.5km / 28 miles

  • Level of difficulty:  Easy. The terrain on this ride is very flat (with a short exception of about 5km, which is gently rolling). A total of 31km out of the 41km on this tour is on a dedicated bike trail (on an old rail line converted to a bike trail). This is a great ride for anyone who is looking for an easy but very scenic bike ride combined with a visit to Monet's house and gardens in Giverny (you will have one hour for your visit here). However, due to the distance involved it is best that you be fit and are capable of riding 41km in distance.



Additional Per Person Costs:

€30.80 (train) + €30 (bike rental) + €12 pp (Monet's House and Gardens Ticket, one hour visit)


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