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Chartres  €350

The tour starts with a pleasant ride through the countryside and small villages before we arrive in the pretty little town of Maintenon for a brief viewing (and history explanation) of the Château de Maintenon (the château of Louis XIV's mistress/wife). We continue on a short distance to a prehistoric site to see some dolmens and menhirs (don't worry, I'll explain what those are) and then see more countryside and small villages before we finish the tour in Chartres, where you'll have time to visit the world famous cathedral and do a little cycling around its medieval downtown.

Click HERE to see the Tour Summary for this tour, which will provide you with a sampling of photos of some of the sights you will see on this tour.

  • Meeting Time and Train Times: We will meet at the bike rental store at 8AM and take a 9:06AM train leaving Paris and arriving in Epernon at 9:50AM. We will take a train departing from Chartres at 3:35PM and arrive in Paris at 4:50PM.


  • Total round trip train time: 2 hours

  • Touring Time: 5 hours 45 minutes from train arrival in Epernon to train departure from Chartres

  • Distance round trip from bike store to train station: 9km / 5.5 miles

  • Touring Distance: 40 km / 25 miles from train arrival in Epernon to train departure from Chartres

  • Total biking distance: 49km / 30.5 miles

  • Level of difficulty: Easy. The ride is on flat to gently rolling terrain (with the occasional incline) and is suitable for novice bikers provided they can pedal the above cited distance. There is one steep hill in the old medieval section of Chartres but tour participants can walk their bikes up this hill if desired.



Additional Per Person Costs:

€32.40 (train) + €30 (bike rental)

Important Note: This tour is only offered on weekdays. This tour is not offered on weekends or holidays.

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