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3-Hour Custom Paris Tour €150

This is a custom-designed tour of Paris tailored to the specific demands of clients. There is no set itinerary as each tour will be unique. If you have a list of sites/places you'd like to cycle past then an itinerary based on your desires can be customized for you (provided sites aren't spread out in every corner of Paris). Whether you want to see the major tourist sites or go off the beaten path or do a mix of both, you're the boss! If you say "Hey, what's that over there?", then we'll go "over there" to find out! You can use the 3 hours as you like: cycle the whole time, stop at a café or raid the pastry shops, you choose the rhythm!

But if you don't know Paris well and aren't sure what to see and where to cycle, don't worry, you're covered. We've got two pre-planned tours we can propose: 

1) A circuit focused on the primary central Paris sites and attractions (ex. the banks of the Seine, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Musée d'Orsay, The Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens, The Panthéon, etc.). You'll also get off the beaten path and see some of those quaint Parisian side streets you've been dreaming about, which are usually just a couple of blocks away from the main tourist trail. You'll see central Paris's main tourist sites, as well as its hidden away side streets, while adhering to the French Mystique Tours philosophy of offering a unique bike touring experience. Click here to see a Tour Summary of this tour.

2) An "off-the-beaten-path" circuit where you'll see a side of Paris you'd never find on your own (and which many Parisians I know have never seen). This circuit will take you through the eastern section of Paris (the Belleville and Ménilmontant neighborhoods) to show you "the real Paris" of your average Parisian, and it's just as beautiful and interesting as the main central Paris tourist sites. You'll absorb the full spectrum of Paris's vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods and have your own personal experience of finding those elusive, undiscovered gems you thought you'd never see. Click here to see a Tour Summary of this tour.

  • Meeting Time: The Meeting Time for this tour is flexible and can be discussed.

  • Touring Time: 3 hours from the time we begin cycling upon departure from the bike store where we will meet to get your rental bikes. However, the standard touring time can be customized to add additional touring time. There is a supplemental fee of €50 per hour (payable in increments of 15 minutes, meaning €12.50 per additional 15 minutes) if you wish to customize this tour to add additional touring time to allow you to enjoy your tour at a more leisurely pace (perhaps you'd like to stop at a café or pastry shop for a snack or a drink). Or, you may simply wish to do more cycling and experience more of the wonderful sites I could show than could be covered within the standard 3 hour touring time. Or maybe you'd like some combination of more cycling and some snack/drink/relaxing time. The choice is yours. You're the boss!

  • Distance: Flexible. You can cycle at your own pace and how much distance is covered will depend on your cycling pace and whether or not you want to stop for snacks/pastries or just to relax somewhere and enjoy your surroundings. Though I have outlined two circuits I can propose to you, whether we see all the sites covered in the Tour Summaries for these circuits will depend on your cycling pace.

  • Level of difficulty: Easy. Most of Paris has flat/slightly rolling topography. However, on the ''off the beaten path'' circuit there are some hills (on this tour we will gradually ascend to one of the highest points in Paris) but none of the hills are very steep and if needed you may walk them instead of cycling them.

Additional Per Person Costs: €15 (bike rental)

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